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The Queen of Great skin set Gua Sha & Oil Set

The Queen of Great skin set Gua Sha & Oil Set

All you need to get started with gua sha

Premium Stainless Steel Facial Gua Sha Tool & The Queen Of Spades All in One Facial and Gua Sha Oil


Why Gua Sha?

♠️Drains lymph fluids from the face decreasing puffiness and giving the face a more sculpted look

♠️Relieves tension from the face and neck

♠️Relieves facial muscles from tension and it prevent wrinkles

♠️ Gives skin a lift and firms the skin over time with consistency

Queen of Spades:

It can be used as your cleanser, serum and moisturizer.

This oil is formulated to reset skin back to its natural state of nourished and thriving

♠️Great for all skin types!

Very good for Dry & mature skin

Key Benefits of Q♠️:

♠️Perfect consistency for Gua Sha Facials

♠️Anti-Aging properties

♠️Repairs dryness

♠️Gives skin a gorgeous glow

♠️ Resets skin to natural state of vibrant, nourished, and radiant20 ML❤️Vegan & Cruelty Free❤️

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    $65.00Sale Price

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