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Alexis Bellino OC Vitamin C Premium at Home Facial Kit

Alexis Bellino OC Vitamin C Premium at Home Facial Kit


Bring the spa home to reduce wrinkles, and contour and depuff your face naturally!


What's in the Bundle:

1. The Detailer Gua Sha made with 6 different edges, which is used to reduce wrinkles, depuff, and contour the face: 


  • Combed edge: Plumps out fine lines and wrinkles. Increases circulation, stimulates collagen and elastin production


  • Long Side: De-puffs, contours, helps get lymphatic drainage going throughout the face


  • V shape edge: Sculpts, aids lymphatic drainage, releases tension, defines jawline and cheekbone


  • Small corner edges: Aids lymphatic drainage, sculpts and defines cheekbones


2. The Alexis Bellino Exclusive OC Vitamin C Luxurious Vitamin C Facial oil 


A luxurious facial oil with vitamin C to visibly brighten, lock in moisture, and enhance facial glow and elasticity. 


  • What it does: Visibly brightens, hydrates, and firms the skin. A clean vitamin C face oil made for all skin types which will reveal your most radiant-glowing skin.  For enhanced spa like results ~ use this oil before performing gua sha and facial cups. 


3. Alexis Bellino 2 piece Beige Facial Cups


Give yourself an instant glow and an all-natural facelift. 


Benefits from Facial cupping:

  • Stimulates Collagen Production, Enhances Facial Glow, Lightens Skins Imperfection, Improves skins product absorbstion, Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles, and Eliminates Puffiness 
    $155.00 Regular Price
    $130.00Sale Price

    Spring Saver 20% OFF when you purchase $250+

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