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Filterless Era Gua Sha Oil being used on face
Model showing glowing face after using Filterless Era skin products
Model using stainless steel Gua Sha tool on face

FilterLESS Era

The Skincare Kit replacing injections!

FilterLESS Era Collection

Elizabeth Woods Specialty Collection


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Elizabeth Woods

Sculpted You

Elizabeth Woods for FilterLESS Era Skincare
Filterless Era skincare results


  • Prevents & Lessens Wrinkles on Forehead, Beneath the Eyes, Around the Lips, and Neck

  • Stimulates Collagen Production

  • Reduces Double Chin

  • Drains Stagnant Lymphatic Fluid From the Face and Neck

  • Decreases Puffiness in the Face

  • Lifts & Firms the Skin

  • Boost Circulation Beneath the Skin

  • Relieves Sinus Pressure

  • Prevents Tech Neck and Relieves Neck Tension

  • Relieves Facial Tension

  • Facial Detoxification

  • Skin will GLOW and Be Reset Back to its Natural State of Nourished & Thriving!

Alexis Bellino Specialty Collection


Woman using Filterless Era products

"I have been using Filterless Era products since the company began! I am now a loyal customer using the Queen of Spades with the gua sha, the roller, the detailer, and the tinted serum almost daily. I just started using the LED mask and love it! I am in my 60’s and frequently get comments about how my skin glows! I am sold on this product line!"

- BS

Woman with hand on face after using Filterless Era products

"As a busy mom and mother of a teenager, I have very little time for an extensive beauty routine. I’ve always struggled with dry skin and large pores. I no longer do. I was amazed to discover that the Queen of Spades oil with the Gua sha was virtually the only product I now need. For a little extra glow, I add the Queen of Green at night. I’ve used everything, and this is the best I’ve tried. So thankful to have found such an easy and effective routine!"

- LB

Woman applying moisturizer serum

"I recently started applying the tint serum.  It glides right on, providing moisture throughout the day.  In the evenings, I love using the LED mask for blue light therapy as a part of my self care routine to clear up blemishes!"

- PS


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